If you are ready to lead a happier, more successful life AND to help others do the same...

"Here's Your Chance To Activate The Archetypal Energies Of The Tarot
To Increase Your Energy, Vibration, Personal And Spiritual Power"

Did you know? Pretty much everything you've
ever heard about the Tarot is probably wrong!


Dear Spiritual Friend,

You don’t know it yet but by the time you finish reading this page you’ll realise that everything you’ve ever heard about the Tarot or thought you knew about is probably wrong!

Every time I share the hidden secrets of the Tarot, once they realise the true and hidden power that lies within, people always ask how they can to go further.

You see, most people think that the Tarot is simply a tool for fortune telling, used by dodgy Clairvoyants to predict your future. But the Tarot is so much more than that. One of the oldest sources of spiritual wisdom it holds the secrets of the ages, the ultimate truth of humanity and spirit.

The more you read about it the more you’ll forget the myths that you’ve heard.

Why would you want to use the Tarot,
given its reputation?

The biggest reason is that it can create massive transformation at the deepest level of your being. I’d go so far as to say that it works at the level of us as a species - as humans on the planet.

The Tarot is the source of inner enlightenment, and gives you direct access to the SUPER-CONSCIOUSNESS. It’s this that enables you not only to predict the future but also change it if it’s not what you want.

The Tarot doesn’t just solve your ordinary day-to-day problems, it works right through to your soul problems and karmic issues. It allows you to access areas of your psyche which are normally unattainable and inaccessible through the conscious mind. That’s because the archetypal energy of the Tarot is so powerful and it’s integrated at such a deep level.

It is said to contain the secrets of the entire universe

So, if you had a bunch of cards with some pictures on them that contained the secrets of the entire universe, would you think that was worth a look?  Would you think that was worth a bit of a second glance?

How many times have you found yourself wandering through your life and thinking: “You know, I’ve got some stuff going on here and I just don’t understand what’s going on. I just don’t understand the world or the universe”?

Would it be useful to know that these very secrets of the universe are coded at the deepest level of the psyche?  Would it be useful to have a system of symbolic energy and information that goes way beyond any language?

And also, would it be useful to you to be able to access forms of energies that enable you to gain mastery over your inner reality and therefore your external, physical reality – would that be useful to you?

Why pretty much everything you've ever heard about the Tarot is probably wrong!

Centuries ago the true power of the Tarot was hidden by disguising it as a tool for divination and fortune telling. Today this disguise still works to mask its secret potential to empower individuals.

So what is the Tarot? 

It’s a system of archetypal energy and information, the very secrets to enlightenment, empowerment and success.

When these energies are activated unconsciously, you get success. You get the results you want and you feel in control of things.

However, when these energies are NOT activated unconsciously you will experience all kinds of problems and challenges and feel powerless to change them or solve things.

Once you have activated those energies you discover the inner power to change anything you want.

It has even been said that the Tarot enables you to change the physical reality on your command!

Now it’s time for you to unlock the Tarot’s hidden power

Each tarot archetype holds a unique energy signature which lies within every person. When activated you have access to the specific energy, behaviours and thought patterns that can heal and empower YOU.

However when this energy is dormant or inactive, it creates all the negative aspects of that energy.

Each card is truly a KEY to personal empowerment, problem solving and unbelievably rapid growth.

Signs You Have Dormant Archetypal Energy:

You trust too easily and inappropriately only to have that trust abused and violated. You
get manipulated.

You find yourself surrounded by chronic complainers and negative

You get bullied or feel impotent and powerless. You have no voice or
ability to choose for yourself. Your keep attracting dogmatic,
stubborn people who frustrate you and your efforts to make
positive changes.

You feel guilty that you’re not doing enough, or resentful that others leave you to do all
the work and never take care of themselves.

You find it hard to attract or create a true intimate soul-mate relationship.

You feel frustrated because you can’t ever seem to let go of what holds you back. You
have clutter in your home, office and in your mind.

You experience poverty, mess, or chaos. Every time you attempt to create anything
positive all your struggles are in vain. You experience the world is a dangerous place
which doesn’t support you.

You fear change, and even though you want things to be different,
you just can’t move forward. You crave routine, even though it bores
you to tears.

You secretly desire a miracle, and are still waiting for your fairy
godmother to ride in a unicorn to rescue you. And yes you know it
makes no logical sense but you’re still hanging out for one anyway.

You struggle to know what others are feeling or thinking, resulting in you accidentally
hurting others.

You have addictions, or cravings for things you know aren’t good for you, e.g. food,
cigarettes, drugs, sex, TV, video games, your smart phone.

You find yourself the victim of cruel jokes.

And here’s what’s possible when you
activate the archetypal energy of the Tarot

CHANGE: Change your circumstances, your experiences and what happens to you, by altering your own thoughts or behaviours.
COURAGE: Increase your courage to try new things, to be different and allow your uniqueness stand out.
TRUST: Develop trust, confidence and optimism. Feel SAFE!
FOCUS: Think clearly and critically. Gain more structure, focus and clarity so you can focus on what’s really important without being distracted.
JOY: Enjoy your life and work more. Develop a sense of fun, light-heartedness and ability to be here now.
CREATIVITY: Increase your imagination and innovation so that you can create more and solve problems.
ACHIEVE: Set and achieve goals, compete and when necessary, defend yourself.
GIVE: Share your gifts with the world. Show care, concern and compassion for others.
POWER: Feel strong powerful and centred. Never again be a victim to bullies or threats.
CONSCIOUS: The Tarot gives you access to the secrets of the ages that will enable you to raise your consciousness beyond what you ever imagined.
LEAD: Take charge, be responsible, live according to your values.
RELEASE: Let go, start over, take action to end bad situations.
PROFESSIONAL: by activating your archetypes you can become a Tarot Reader like no other! Deliver transformation not information.


For the first time ever, Psycademy will be taking a select group of highly awakened individuals on a journey through the Tarot archetypes, activating the energies within

What will you learn on the program?

How to apply the meanings of each of the Major Arcana keys (cards) to solve everyday problems

The specific problems associated with each card and how to solve them through activating the archetypes

How to activate a dormant archetype within yourself and your client

The sequence and order of the keys and the story they tell

Receive a powerful Middle Pillar activation

How to use the keys for path-working with the Kabbalah and Tree Of Life

This program really is VERY DIFFERENT from every
other Tarot training. How? Read on...

Other Tarot training courses are all designed to give you a pre-determined, prescriptive meaning for each card. Which means you have to learn all the meanings by rote and remember each one of them whenever you do a reading. It's a one-size-fits-all approach and completely strips the Tarot of its true power and sheer depth.

Others generally also teach for the purpose of divination, which is quite simply NOT what the Tarot was ever intended to be used for.

On this Psycademy program, though, you will be initiated into the energy of each card. This then enables you to solve all your problems and become a complete human being in your own way and on your own terms. The level of change that's possible with this approach is off the scale.

Once you've been initiated and the energy of the cards is active in you, you won't need to be remembering the meaning of each card or hoping it applies to the other person. You'll be drawing on the universal energy of the card and how it applies to the particular individual. That's quite a different approach, I'm sure you'll agree!

Introducing your Tarot Guide!

Dr Lisa
                          TurnerI’m Dr. Lisa Turner and I founded Psycademy over 10 years ago to assist over a billion people to get reconnected to their  Higher Self and their own inner power so they could take back control over their lives.

I'm a Master Spiritual Teacher and a Certified Trainer of Hypnosis, NLP, NLPCoaching, Time Line Therapy™ and Tantra, and an initiate of way too many spiritual schools to list.

With a PhD in Mechanical Engineering I underpin all my spiritual teaching with practical tools, techniques and processes that are proven to work. Teaching and using only what actually takes the “hit and miss” out of spiritual development. I pride myself on bringing grounded science to my work, so be prepared - you are entering a No Fluff Zone!

I've been running Psycademy for the last 10 years and am regularly featured in print, on radio and TV. I've been interviewed for ITV 'This Morning' and Sky News. I’ve contributed to dozens of print media including Psychologies, Marie Claire, Kindred Spirit, The Times, The Mail, The Sun, Metro and many more. I’m highly sought after because I’m a straight talker, I know my subject, and the things I say make sense!

                          please Lisa I want to discover the Hidden
                          Secrets of the Tarot"

Start "Hidden Secrets of the Tarot" Today
And You’ll Receive…

All 8 Tarot Webinars

In Webinar 1 you’ll get a comprehensive introduction to the course and the subject material. We’ll cover a lot of background including all this:

  • Special secret “map” that you can use to lay the deck out which will give you the power to change every single circumstance and situation you experience.
  • The rules you must follow when you study the Tarot to keep you safe whilst your inner power is intensified.
  • How the mysterious origins of the Tarot reveal a Universal Truth, and how that truth has been hidden in plain sight.
  • The secret code hidden within each of the Hebrew letters, which will blow your mind as it takes you right to the heart of the Wisdom of Ages.
  • A simple cipher that will unlock the power of Numerology for you.
  • Exactly how the Tarot relates to the ancient mysteries of the Kaballah.
  • Discover the 22 pathways of the Tree of Life, and proven strategies to use these for your personal spiritual ascension.
  • The ancient secret to effectively activating the energy of each card within.

In Webinars 2 – 6 we’ll go through each of the Major Arcana cards individually, covering
2 – 3 cards in detail per call where you will:

  • Discover a novel twist on the main meanings of the symbols of the card.
  • The secrets behind the position on the tree of life and how to use this for your spiritual ascension.
  • The biggest mistakes people make when interpreting the meaning of each card and how that sends them down blind alleys and to dead ends.
  • Proven strategies to actuate the energy of the card so that problems vanish, solutions appear making you feel powerful, connected and strong.
  • A detailed way to harness and apply the energy and wisdom of each card to improve your daily life.
  • “Make friends” with the personality of each card so that you can embody that within you in a positive way.
  • Learn how one single question can give you a power statement behind each card.
  • Receive a custom designed meditation for the card to enable you to deepen your activation.

In Webinars 7 and 8 we’ll pull everything together. You’ll learn:

  • A simple system to ‘unpack’ the Minor Arcana using suit and numerology. This means you won’t ever need to “remember the meaning” of the card when you’re working with clients.
  • The safe and effective way to use the Tarot with clients.
  • Foolproof ways to give readings for clients. You will shock and amaze them every time with your wisdom and insight!
  • What to do when you have a problem and how the Tarot can solve it for you (or your client).
Plus… you’ll receive your Middle Pillar activation.

Private Members Online Discussion Forum

In between calls you’ll be able to connect and network with me and other members via the online "Hidden Secrets of the Tarot" forum. Experience a global support system that’s always there for you.

The people we surround ourselves with on a day to day basis have a huge impact on the way we think, act and feel. So it’s really important to surround yourself with people who are moving in the same direction as you. Do not underestimate the power of association.

This online networking and discussion forum will allow you to connect with people just like you who are SERIOUS about transforming their lives. You’ll get support, encouragement, and who knows what opportunities may arise by connecting with other like-minded members of this group? Whatever challenge you are facing right now, there’s a good chance another member will be experiencing, or will have experienced something similar and can help you with it.

You’ll have INSTANT ACCESS to this private members area as soon as you register.

Higher Self Therapy Audios & Workbook

The "Higher Self Therapy" workbook guides you through all the steps of this simple-to-do, highly effective process for releasing painful negative emotions - anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt.

You can download the workbook as soon as you register and work through it entirely at your own pace.

The process also releases limiting beliefs and includes an additional process to remove attachments to other people and things, called Ho'o Pono Pono.

The workbook explains the process and gives you exercises which are essential for you to get the most out of the program.

Once you register your place, the full MP3 recordings of the Emotional Release process are instantly downloadable, so you can listen to them straight away.

Then keep listening at any time you like as you progress through the "Recover From Abuse" program.

These four audio recordings guide you every step of the way as you work through the emotional release exercises. They will also help you to:

  • Become fully present in your body 
  • Increase self esteem 
  • Boost confidence
  • Become joyful and happy
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve your relationships, including the one with yourself
  • Stay positive and resilient, no matter what life throws at you

Integrity of Energy DVD

The "Integrity of Energy" DVD contains a full FOUR HOURS of material, including the Proven STEP-BY-STEP formula for releasing emotional trauma, energy blocks and limitations FOR GOOD.

It's no secret that negative emotions lower your vibration. And if you’ve tried “staying positive” when painful experiences from the past still haunt you, you’ll know it just doesn’t work.

Using this DVD you will be guided through the Psycademy Emotional Release Technique (Higher Self Therapy)

The most powerful emotional release technique on the planet. Removes inner pain, for good. You won’t just 'feel a bit better' or 'work through them' or 'understand them'... your negative emotions, pain and trauma will be gone, gone, GONE!

Understand exactly why numbing-out was necessary and how you can safely increase awareness of your inner pain. You will go at your pace, and only to the level you feel comfortable.

Learn how your mind creates your reality and how to generate an invincible inner mindset.

Identify and remove negative programming and limiting beliefs like "I’m not good enough" or "I’m not worthy" or "I can’t…"

Restores you to wholeness again. Integrate all the fragmented bits of yourself.

Raises your vibration and allows you to achieve mastery.

6 Months' Group Coaching

There are times when the challenge you’re facing isn’t as straightforward as a one question, one answer solution. In these live, phone-in, group coaching sessions, you will have the chance for some laser coaching.

Just volunteer to be in the hot seat to get your problems solved and your questions answered, plus psychic and spiritual guidance.

Here are some of the most common things you might like to work on with me...

  • Full energy diagnosis and aura scan to identify any leaks in your system that are causing you emotional, financial, relationship or spiritual problems.
  • Getting and staying connected to your spirit guides and applying their guidance to solve your problems.
  • Finding and removing any damage to your psychic circuitry so you can ramp up your spiritual powers and psychic abilities.
  • Pinpointing any blocks in your energy system that are stopping you getting the success you deserve, and removing them.
  • How you can know exactly when to trust your intuition to make better choices and when it’s right to have doubts.
  • Get specific feedback from me on how you can get started as a psychic or spiritual practitioner right away using your spiritual gifts to help others in ways that will amaze.
  • Fire up your spiritual life and psychic abilities and stay there consistently.

Even if you don’t have a burning question or maybe you’d prefer not to be in the hot seat personally, you can listen in to these Q&A clinics and learn huge amounts just from listening to others.

There are also regular "Ask the Oracle" calls where you can submit your questions in advance and receive answers channelled directly from my guides "No-One-Guide".

Your Personal
Universal Waite Tarot Deck

This is the deck that we recommend. It is the closest to the original esoteric texts and holds incredible power.

We have sourced this for you and your personal deck will be clean and charge the deck with pure and dynamic energy to ensure the deck is fully empowered. Note. Many negative experiences with the Tarot are caused by unhelpful “aka” chords being attached to the deck.

Plus if you place your order TODAY you will receive these
additional NINE audio + workbook bonuses
(value £135)

Bonus #1: The Secret Science Of The Psychic

In this class you will learn:
The 6 biggest myths about psychic development
The single biggest mistake people make when trying to develop their psychic abilities
How to become a high level psychic
How to increase connection to source
How to open your 3rd eye & increase your clairvoyance
How to receive direct messages from your personal spirit guides
What the different kinds of psychic can (and can't) do
How best to use the different kinds of psychic / which one you could be

What kind of psychic are you: Empath, Medium, 'Clairs', Direct, High Level Psychic

Bonus #2: The Silent Mind: How To Meditate

In this class you will learn:
Simple and easy ways to meditate
What to do when your mind won't go quiet
How 20 minutes of meditation a day can improve your health, spiritual connection & inner peace
The easy (and the hard) way to meditate
The single most effective way to meditate that will work every time
How to find the perfect meditation type for you
The little known scientific link between meditating and psychic abilities

Bonus #3: Perceiving Auras

In this class you will learn:
The scientific explanation of the aura
How you can see and feel auras starting right now
Discover your intuitive vision, and learn how to activate it
Reveal the two ways of using your psychic vision
The key to whole body wellbeing (essential for lightworkers)
How to interpret the messages and signs in the aura

Bonus #4: Discover The Mysteries Of The Tarot

In this class you will learn:
The secret history of the Tarot and its full power and potential
Learn practice techniques for applying the wisdom of the Tarot
How to use the Tarot to solve everyday problems
The right (and wrong) ways to use the Tarot in readings

Bonus #5: Lightworker Evolution

In this class you will learn:
How to avoid the chaos of change
The stages of evolution and how to recognise them so you know what's coming next and can prepare for them
How to make change easy and make sure you are in control of the change process. This is what stops bad things happening to you
What is "the long dark night of the soul"? Why it's actually a good thing and how to make it feel like that (even though you are in it)
Ego and how to manage it
How society is evolving and how it affects you personally

Bonus #6: Ghost Or Guide: The Shocking Truth About Psychic Attack

If you've ever had bad experiences you don't deserve, felt watched or uncomfortable for no reason, had bizarre accidents or mechanical failures then you'll want to listen to this class. In this class you will learn:
How to identify whether you're connecting with a ghost or a guide
The 12 signs that you are under psychic attack
The 8 indicators of a high level guide
The truth about psychic attack and curses
Signs that you are under psychic attack and how to identify where it's coming from
The vicious cycle that can trap you and how to break out of it
How to identify entities and techniques to release them
Aura breaches - symptoms and cures
The guaranteed way to be certain you're communicating with a guide (not a ghost)
Exactly what a ghost is and how they can be helpful (or not)
The simple and easy way to stay safe from psychic attack
Spirit Guide communication - the truth revealed about how easy it really can be

Bonus #7: Become A Modern Shaman

In this class you will learn:
The amazing secret of accessing the power of the 4 directions in all aspects of your life
The #1 secret that all shamans know about calling on the power of the elements
The correct way to find and meet your own personal power animal (you will never be lonely and disrespected again)
The amazing power of the medicine wheel
3 easy steps to enter a shamanic journey for healing, learning and knowledge
The jealously guarded secret protection rituals that will keep you and your property safe at any time
The truth about ceremonial magic. Tap into the ancient power of ceremony, altars and symbols
Revealed: simple alchemy for symbolic and ceremonial magic, manifesting, spell casting & more

Bonus #8: Past Life Revelations

In this class you will learn:
Discover the theory and scientific explanation of past lives
Learn simple and easy techniques to access past life wisdom
Understand how your past lives might be shaping your every decision in this life and how you can make that work for you (and not against you)

Bonus #9: Mystical Kabalah
& The Tree Of Life

In this class you will learn:
Discover the secret code that unlocks the mysteries of God within the individual. This puts the power of God in the hands of the individual
Explore the pathways around the tree of life. This gives you a unique perspective to your personal evolution, heals chronic issues and solves recurring problems
Learn the link between the Sephiroth (energy centres on the tree) and manifestation
Avoid the "blind alleys" that the uninitiated get trapped in
Discover a powerful process that allows you to know God within you

These bonus audios and workbooks will all be available to you in the forum as soon as you complete your order.

How will you learn all this? How does it work?

This is an online course delivered via a series of 8 live webcasts through June and early July. You will also have access to the dedicated "Hidden Secrets of the Tarot" forum where you can ask questions and get the answers you need.

During each call you will:

Discover the true meaning of the symbols and energy.

Pinpoint the tell-tale symptoms that determine if this archetype is dormant.

Receive an initiation into the energy and activate that key.

Receive a guided energy meditation to install the behaviours, strategies and beliefs at
the level of the unconscious mind.

All calls are recorded so you can listen to them again and again.

My "No Hidden Secrets" Promise to You

Because I’m confident that when you invest in the "Hidden Secrets of the Tarot" you will get everything you need to access the full power of this ancient key to wisdom.

You’re protected by my 6 months "No Hidden Secrets" money-back guarantee.

If after 6 months you've attended the webinars and followed the practices and haven’t got any results, you can let Psycademy know, and you’ll get your money back, less a modest £50 book keeping administrative fee.

Please note: if you choose to take a refund you will be required to return the 'Integrity of Energy' DVD and Universal Waite Tarot deck. You will also be required to confirm that you have deleted all digital course materials before the refund can be issued.

“Hidden Secrets of the Tarot"

ONLY £2497.00 (approx US $3,066.00)

(Please note the US price is approximate depending on the currency exchange rate at the time)

I understand that I'll get:

An online course delivered via 8 live webinars

A dedicated forum where I can ask questions and get the answers
I need

Higher Self Therapy audios & workbook

Integrity of Energy DVD

6 months group coaching

Universal Waite Tarot Deck

PLUS, these special audio + workbook BONUSES:

The Secret Science of the Psychic

The Silent Mind: How To Meditate

Perceiving Auras

Discover the Mysteries of the Tarot

Lightworker Evolution

Ghost or Guide: The Shocking
Truth About Psychic Attack

Become A Modern Shaman

Past Life Revelations

Mystical Kabalah & The Tree Of Life

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As this page ends...

What are you waiting for? Still have questions? Here are answers to some of the ones we get asked most often...

Q: I’d prefer to attend a live workshop. Why is this an online training?
A: This training is not about just playing with some cards -  it's so much more than that and the energies are VERY powerful. The process of activating all the tarot archetypes could simply not be achieved safely in a 2 -3 day workshop. If you tried it, it would probably blow your mind. It's way too much energy for you to assimilate in one go. So the very safest way is to do it slowly over a period of time. For this reason I'll never offer this as a workshop - it will only ever be online.
Q: I already know the meanings of the Tarot cards. What more can I get from this training?
A: If you’ve previously learned a set of pre-determined, prescriptive meanings for each card, you are failing to access the full, true power of the Tarot. On this program you’ll be initiated into the energy of each card. So once you've been initiated and the energy of the cards is active in you, you won't need to remember pre-learned meanings, instead you'll be drawing on the universal energy of the card and how it applies to the particular individual or situation in front of you.
Q: Can I use this for readings with others? Will I be qualified?
A: You certainly will be able to use this to give readings to others! Most importantly of all, the readings you give will be positive, relevant and empowering for your clients and they will have the reassurance that they are completely safe throughout in the hands of a skilled professional.
Q: Can I really make money out of this?
A: Tarot readings are a service that’s in high demand and once you’ve taken this training, you’ll be able to offer it as a powerful spiritual healing tool. This is one technique you really want to add your toolkit if you’d like to make more money!
Q: I’ve already got a deck I love, can I use that or do I have to use the one you send me?
A: Yes, absolutely you can use your own favourite deck. And you’ll also get the Universal Waite deck from us. Because we’re working on the level of activating the energy, the image on the card becomes much less relevant. You can use any deck you feel drawn to.
Q: I’ve heard the Tarot is dangerous. Will I be safe?
A: That’s one of the myths that was put about to keep people from the wisdom. Yes, it can be dangerous, but only if you use it wrongly. And that’s why you need to join this course!
Q: I had a Tarot reading once and it was really negative, so I’m nervous.
A: The reason for your negative experience with this was probably because the person giving you the reading wasn’t trained in this method. All readings using the Psycademy method are positive as they inform and enlighten you as to the positive action you can take to solve your problems. They give you choice about how to create your future rather than a fixed prediction of what will happen.
Q: I can’t make all the live calls, will that matter?
A: All the calls will be recorded and replay/download links posted in the forum for you. So if you miss any of them, or if you just want to listen again and pick up even more or go even deeper, you can do that. It’s no problem at all!

If you still have questions, just give us a call - we can be reached at 0845 468 1501. Or pop an email to support@psycademy.co.uk

With love,

Lisa Turner

Dr. Lisa Turner

Master Spiritual Teacher
Author of: "No One Guide book", "Spiritual Guide to Riches", "I Loved a Paedophile".
Founder of Psycademy and the Association of Spiritual Practitioners.

"A precious method of inner being work"

"I have used the Psycademy Tarot method for several friends and family members. They were extremely surprised at the depth of information they extracted about hidden dimensions of themselves and the actions they were inspired to take to move forward in life, by my using the the Tarot with them as a self empowerment tool.

I got to see what was going on in their heads and and help them with issues they were unable to previously resolve. This is my favourite tool by far as the inner work is done by the client and I was there to facilitate it. A precious method of inner being work."

Farah Husain


"Tuning into your intuition using just one card"

"I've been reading Tarot professionally for almost 10 years now, and it all started with Lisa's single card method! Two years ago, I moved to the other side of the world, yet I still have repeat clients 12,000 miles away who return frequently for readings (nowadays over Skype!). In addition, I am referred new clients all the time, and I'm constantly told this is due to the accuracy of my readings. Tuning into your intuition using just one card can lead to a whole career for those who feel drawn to Tarot as an intuitive tool."

Samantha Jung-Fielding


"Using Lisa's method to mull over a business question"

"I've been tapping into my super-duper intuition using Lisa's Tarot card method to mull over a business question. What a nice way to approach things! Normally, I would have asked the question, meditated and got on with life while waiting for something obviously connected to come into my awareness. And that seems to usually take anything from a day to 3 years. The card method gave me something else to work with that made the answer more immediate."

Neil Fellowes


"Simple and real"

"Lisa's method works perfect for me because I am not up to memorizing every single card. Her way is much more simple and real."

Simone Mitjans

P.S. Don't forget... pretty much everything you've ever heard about the Tarot is probably wrong, which is why this program is VERY DIFFERENT from every other Tarot training. This is your chance to discover the true, hidden secrets of the Tarot. Sign up now!

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